Nomadism in Research on Roma Education



Published Dec 28, 2018
Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen


This paper analyzes to what degree and how educational research from a European context explains Roma disadvantage in education by referring to nomadism. Three thematic areas emerged from an analysis of 55 research papers. First, that Roma are closely associated with nomadism in the literature, creating an essentialist discourse. Second, that anti-nomadism contributes to explaining and justifying Roma exclusion. Third, that this impacts how the relationship between Roma and education is uderstood. Nomadism is seen as both incompatible with and in opposition to education, and nomadic learning is seen as a distinct learning style. All in all, the analysis shows that knowledge production on Roma and education has established a discourse where it is legitimate to use nomadism to explain Roma disadvantage ineducation. This understanding builds on an essentialist view of Romani culture, and it elaborates and sustains key tropes of antigypsyist discourses.

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Lauritzen, S. (2018). Nomadism in Research on Roma Education. Critical Romani Studies, 1(2), 58-75.



Roma, Education, Nomadism, Anti-nomadism, Antigypsyism