Book Reviews


Critical Romani Studies solicits book reviews in line with the aims and scope of the journal. Seeking to critically review available evidence and analysis, to engage Romani studies with "classics" of social theory, and to deconstruct hierarchies among different types of knowledge (academic, activist, policy-oriented, local), the book reviews aim to facilitate communication among these  spheres.

 In particular, the journal seeks the review of

  • books critically examining the racial oppressions of Romani people, which discuss their relevance for local, national, and transnational activism;
  • works critically engaging with the production of academic knowledge on Romani people;
  • works critically reviewing available evidence of the last two decades that have informed strategies, action plans, and other policy documents of Roma inclusion produced by international organisations, governments, and civil society - with particular focus on the reliability, validity, consistency, and accuracy of the supporting evidence;
  • classical books in the fields of critical race studies, gender and sexuality studies, critical policy studies, and postcolonial studies – discussing the relevance of such works for Critical Romani Studies.

 The book reviews should be 1 000 to 2 500 words long and follow the author guidelines.

 Publishers and reviewers please contact the review editor, Marek Szilvasi: