Timeo Danaos Blaming the Victim in Roma Inclusion Policies



Published Nov 15, 2019


In this research I examine the integration strategies submitted to the European Commission (EC) starting in 2011 by the five countries with the largest Romani populations: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Using a mixed methodology that draws primarily on content analysis, I show that all integration strategies employ a discriminatory approach known as “blaming the victim.” I refer to qualitative data gatheredfrom the strategies as evidence for this approach. I conclude by recommending that a change be made in policy evaluations, and analyze the extent to which NGOs and social science researchers also frequently, even if unconsciously, blame the Romani people for a large part of the problems they face.

How to Cite

Fényes, C. (2019). Timeo Danaos. Critical Romani Studies, 2(1), 4-23. https://doi.org/10.29098/crs.v2i1.26



Victim blaming, Roma policies, Antigypsyism, Roma integration strategies, Culture of poverty