Representations of Romani Women in Contemporary Polish and Romani Literature

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Published Apr 12, 2022


This paper summarizes and discusses the key findings of my research on representations of Romani woman in contemporary Polish and Romani literary texts. The first part of this paper discusses Romani women’s roles and positions in the Romani community. While the subsequent part describes Romani literature in Poland, the main focus of this article discusses images of Romani women in Polish and Romani literature. The article aims to reveal the process of shaping their description in Romani and Polish literature. The research result shows how the perception of Romani women influenced the artistic imagination of Poles and Roma (female and male) and their literary discourses. The study also indicates the degree of durability or variability of the compared images. The research is significant because of its intent to deepen the understanding of Romani imagology, as well as promoting the discourse of Romani Literature Studies.

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Matkowska, J. (2022). Representations of Romani Women in Contemporary Polish and Romani Literature. Critical Romani Studies, 4(1).
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Roma, Romani woman, Polish literature, Romani literature, Antigypsyism